NaNo 2019 Day 21 — Big day!

I haven’t written much in the last few days.

Not because I wanted to. In fact, I spent a lot of time berating myself about not writing enough on those days.

But sometimes, I think everyone has days where you just don’t feel like you can do it. Your characters aren’t talking to you for a minute. You don’t feel inspired. You’d rather sleep than write.

Those days are tough in any month, but particularly during NaNo — a month when you’re trying to shovel the words out of yourself as if your story is a coal chute and you’ve got to keep the train moving.

So day 21 was a lovely surprise. The inspiration came back. I needed to write more than I needed a nap. I wanted to harness that energy, so I started a new crawl, and I managed almost 3k words! (This is a big day for me.)

Yep, we all have days when it’s hard. But we also all have days when it’s great. So on the hard day, you do your best to write something. And on the great day, you do your best to ride that wave as far as it will take you.

Both states are okay, both are normal, and both will happen again.

Happy NaNo-ing!

I’ll be blogging my NaNo 2019 journey right here, so feel free to follow along. And feel free to share your highlights in the comments!

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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