NaNo 2019 Day 12 — My young writer

Nope, this is not a post about the child inside of me who has been a writer since I could hold a pencil (though she might merit a post on another day).

This post is about my 11-year-old daughter.

She’s been an artist her whole life. She was drawing detailed, recognizable pictures well before she learned to read or write. And in fact, when she learned to read it was with graphic novels, understanding the pictures first and the words second.

She is good at encouraging me to write. But while she likes to talk about my stories and suggest her own ideas, she still doesn’t love to read pages full of text. Given an opportunity, she’d rather read any book in a graphic novel format over any book that’s text only.

So you can imagine just how excited I was when, a month or so ago, she started telling me about an idea of her own. An idea for a fantasy story involving her and a bunch of her friends. Of course she had illustrations dancing through her head for this story, and in the past she might have drawn it as a 2-page comic and stopped.

But this time, she said, she wanted to really put pen to paper and write it out.

Literal, genuine tears pricking at the backs of my eyes, people.

One of the beauties of homeschooling is that we have room in our day. Room to try new things. To explore. To spend time learning beyond the classroom curriculum. And so we added NaNoWriMo to this month’s lesson plans.

She signed up for a NaNo Young Writer’s Program account and set her goal at 6,000 words for the month. At about 2,000 words so far, she is still enjoying writing. I literally could not be more proud of her.

  • First, for trying a thing that might not exactly be in her wheelhouse.
  • Second, for sticking with it over time, even when it’s hard.
  • Third, for taking the time to put her ideas on paper just for the joy of writing.

In December, we’ll talk about editing, and whether she wants to try to do anything more with her story. We’ll bring in the grammar lessons and talk about punctuation. We’ll discuss character arcs and determine whether she ever wants to see this book published.

But for now, I’m just going to watch her fly.

Happy NaNo-ing!

I’ll be blogging my NaNo 2019 journey right here, so feel free to follow along. And leave a comment about the young writer in your life.

Photo by Naveen Chandra on Unsplash

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