NaNo 2019 Day 8 — External Validation

Had a chat with a NaNo buddy yesterday about the website quirks this year. It’s a cool new site, and the NaNo team is working out a few bugs, and we’re totally ready to give them some slack. It’s not going to stop us from participating.

But there is one particularly frustrating thing:  the wordcounts aren’t always accurate. Some days they don’t update, and other days they show too many words.

Yes, I have my exact wordcount in my Scrivener program, so the NaNo site is just another place that counts for me.

No, my wordcount doesn’t define me. (Sometimes I feel like I need to repeat that phrase over and over.)

But there’s something about that external validation to really keep a person going. Seeing the bar increase every day, even if by only a little bit.

So, while the site bugs are worked out, I have come up with a list of other ways to give myself that slight boost of external validation:

  1. Old fashioned: Post a big thermometer chart in the room where I write — Leslie Knope-style — and fill it in a bit more each day to show my wordcount increase
  2. New fangled: Create a fancy Excel doc that lets me enter my wordcount and turns it into a graph to show my upward progress
  3. Unlikely: Enlist my family to throw confetti every time I hit a +5,000 milestone (Oh, they’ll throw it; the unlikely part is that I’ll never enlist them to do this because I know who will have to clean it up after)
  4. Double the Goal: Every time I increase my wordcount, I’ll do that many steps as well so I’m hitting both my word goal and my steps goal, and my smartwatch will keep track of it all for me

The long and short is that the good people over at NaNo headquarters are doing their best to work out the site bugs. They’ve spent a lot of time and energy making this the best possible experience in the meantime, and I genuinely appreciate all of their hard work.

Besides, as long as it validates me for my 50K when the time comes, everything else is really gravy. 😉

Happy NaNo-ing!

I’ll be blogging my NaNo 2019 journey right here, so feel free to follow along. And let me know in the comments what you’ll be doing, in addition to posting to the NaNo site, to get your external validation.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “NaNo 2019 Day 8 — External Validation

  1. I would throw and clean up the confetti.

    Then I’d realize that baking a confetti – funfetti – cupcake was easier and cleaning up the confetti would involve eating a cupcake.

    … I’ll wait for your call

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