So you’ve been overrun with plot bunnies. What should you do?

I was listening to an old episode of A Way With Words, one of my favorite podcasts, and they mentioned plot bunnies.

(A quick aside: If you love words, definitions, etymology, and interesting stories, then you should definitely check out the podcast. The first time I listened to an episode I thought, “These are my people!”)

The podcast used the definition of a story that won’t go away until you write it down, and then it keeps breeding further story ideas. I’ve run across a number of slightly similar definitions for plot bunny (a story idea that gnaws at you until you write it, a story idea that keeps breeding, a story that hits you hard like a herd of wild rabbits, etc.).

What’s that, Thumper? You had a great idea? Do tell.

No matter how you define it, the a plot bunny is a really fun concept. It’s a convenient metaphor for the work your brain is always doing:  observing and thinking. Putting ideas together. Finding patterns. Taking interesting tangents.

So what do you do with your plot bunnies once they’ve begun breeding (and they’re trying to take over from the work that’s in front of you)?

  1. Many writers keep a notebook of ideas that they might use some day. From a low-tech pen and paper notebook, to a Google Doc, to an Evernote file, find a way to get those plot bunnies out of your head.
  2. When the plot bunnies begin to breed, write those down too. Whether it’s a spinoff idea, an idea for a sequel, or an idea that has very little to do with the first but is also compelling, keep it in your “notebook.”
  3. Eventually, whether it takes you a few days or a few years, get around to writing the story. It doesn’t matter if it’s for you or for publication. The key with plot bunnies is that they’ll keep gnawing until you get them completely out of your system.
  4. Understand that ideas are infinite. Someone else might “do your idea first,” (when you read Big Magic as I suggested in another post, you’ll find an amazing example of this), or you might even suggest the idea to a writer friend who might be better suited to take it on. If that exorcises that plot bunny for you, then all is well. More plot bunnies will be along if you just keep observing, thinking, and writing them down.

Here’s to hoping you have fun with your plot bunnies, but don’t let them distract you too much from your current project.

Happy writing!

Photo of fluffy bunnies by Chan Swan on Unsplash
Photo of alert rabbit by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

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