My New Year’s Revolutions

Happy 2018!

No, the title of this post is not a typo. The other day, in the serious way of the very young, my 6-year-old asked me what my New Year’s revolutions were going to be. We had a good chuckle and a quick explanation of the difference between “revolution” and “resolution.”

I explained that I normally don’t set resolutions. This is for many reasons, not least of which that it feels like setting myself up for failure.

Do I have to fail? Nope.

Would a good action plan help? Almost certainly.

But the cultural norm is to laugh about resolutions. To make a joke of them before they even start. (I can’t be the only one who is astounded by the number of people whose automatic response to hearing you’re going to do something new is to say something like, “Do you know what percentage of resolutions fail within the first month?” How is that supposed to be helpful?!)

So, most years I just choose not to set a resolution. I begin the year the way I mean to go on, and I don’t think too much more about it.

But my conversation with my son got me thinking. Upon reflecting on the way that each year is a revolution of the Earth around the sun, and each day is a small piece of that revolution with the Earth twirling itself around, we decided that “revolutions” might be a fitting name for those things I’d like to take on in the new year after all.

Therefore, I’m going to use the days of 2018 to make some revolutions of my own.

  1. I’m going to revolve the way I think about cooking dinner. It’s not usually my job, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy doing it once in a while. I have a new wok (the only Christmas present I asked for), and I’m going to learn to use it. Not a resolution, but it could be revolutionary to our meal planning.
  2. I’m going to revolve the way I think about Saturday mornings. Every Saturday, I drive my daughter an hour each way to fencing class, and sit, trying to work for the two hours of class, but really watching the fencers. I’m already there. Why shouldn’t I try something new and get some exercise at the same time? I’m now a beginner fencer, and learning the moves and steps has already begun to been revolutionary for my muscle groups.
  3. I’m going to revolve the way I’m thinking about writing my book. I’ve been treating it like a chore. It’s not under deadline by some other entity. It’s up to me — do I want to finish telling this story or not? If I do, I’d better make a plan to get it done. For real this time. Finally getting my book done will be revolutionary after sitting on it for so long.

In what ways are you going to revolve your thinking this year? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments!

Happy revolving!

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4 thoughts on “My New Year’s Revolutions

  1. I love your thinking and writing. You know you write better when something tickles you. Think of something fun— Go. I want to revolve around my house doing something. I finally have a house full of my stuff and time to play with it. Go.

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