Creative charge: Tree of life

Last weekend, I needed a break from writing. I love trying many different crafts, both because learning new skills is fun, and because it gives me a creative boost to create something beautiful. So I took a few hours to just let myself try something new.

I’d been seeing a variety of wire-wrapped pendants pop up on my Pinterest digest emails, and thought I might be able to make one (given a good tutorial). I ended up on YouTube, where I found this lovely, easy to follow video:

I had almost all of the needed supplies, but ended up making do with wrapping two 20-gauge wires together for the frame. All in all, I think it turned out pretty okay for a first attempt:

Plus, sometimes it’s nice to start and finish something in the same sitting. Now back to the never ending task of writing and editing my manuscript, though with a bit more creative juice flowing.

Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Creative charge: Tree of life

  1. I think it turned out wonderfully okay (rather than pretty okay) and wonder if this makes a new hobby or a one time craft?

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