People keep telling me not to… #homeschool

Remember when you were expecting a child, and you learned the first set of questions that every single person would ask you? They were something like this:

“How far along are you?”

“What’s your due date?”

“Is it a boy or girl?”

You came to expect those questions, and in fact you were almost disappointed if someone congratulated you without asking them.

Similarly, I’ve discovered that when I tell people I’m homeschooling my kids there’s a set of regular questions that almost always come out:

“Have you thought about their socialization needs?”

“How is that going?”

And most commonly, “Why?”

I recognize that the people asking are usually either genuinely curious, or sometimes genuinely concerned. However, it does get a little bit old answering them over and over again. In case you were thinking of asking me any of these questions, in order to save some time, here are the answers.

1) First of all, thanks for asking.  😉  Yes. I’ve thought about it a lot, just as I thought long and hard before embarking on this journey. I do have a plan in place that involves classes outside of the home and regular trips to the library. No need for you to worry about it on my behalf.

2) First of all, thanks for asking.  😉  It’s going fine so far. If you know me well, you know I love teaching, and I love my kids, and it turns out that the combination of the two has been fine so far. Is there a chance it won’t always be? Sure. That’s why I’m open to considering other schooling methods if need be. But for now, we’re very happy.

3) First of all, thanks for asking.  😉  Like you, I live in a century and decade where I can be fulfilled working from home (I’m a proud WAHM — that’s Work At Home Mother for the uninitiated) and also take advantage of the golden opportunity to spend time with my kids. They will only be small once, and this is a key time when their ideas, opinions, fears, and hopes are being formed. I want to be a big part of that. I have the opportunity to give them this gift — the gift of my time and help — and I want to give it.

Some of the benefits: We get to take field trips whenever we want without having to sign permission slips. We can study anything my kids are interested in without worrying about whether the rest of the class is caught up. We can use every day to learn something new, rather than restricting the bulk of our learning to a traditional school year.

I totally recognize that this is not a viable choice for everyone. And the public schools in my area ARE great schools. My choice isn’t a condemnation of anyone else’s choices, it’s just the best choice I can make for my family at this time.

When it comes right down to it, I’m excited to be living in a time and country where there are so many available resources to make sure that my kids — and yours — get a great education. Thus, I wish you well in whatever educational choices you make for your family, and I hope you wish me well in mine.

Happy learning!

2 thoughts on “People keep telling me not to… #homeschool

  1. Great post! And wonderful answers. I always get the socializing one too. My youngest daughter knows everyone who lives on our block, and within like a mile radius of our home, I kid you not. hahaha. We always have kids at our house after normal school hours, when the PS kids come home.

    We also get to do filed trip whenever we want! Its a beautiful day? Why spend it indoors…. 🙂

    1. Glad to know others have the same experience. Everyone wants the best for their kids — it’s just that our way of doing our best for our kids is different from other people’s way of doing their best for their kids. 🙂

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