Homeschool help

A couple of links that have been very helpful to my homeschooling journey:

The Pioneer Woman
While her children are different ages than mine, I LOVE reading Ree Drummond’s stories, and her success at homeschooling while still having a life and doing super-cool stuff is totally inspiring! Plus, my daughter and one of hers have the same name, so…. obviously soulmates.

ABC Mouse
I was hitting a bit of a roadblock trying to convince my daughter that learning to read was fun. ABC Mouse made it fun for her again. Both kids love this site!

Super Teacher Worksheets
If you love worksheets, this site has them in spades! No, I definitely don’t believe in worksheets all the time, but sometimes they can be magical.

Homeschooling is a work in progress so I’ll certainly post more links when there’s a free minute. Or rather, IF there’s a free minute…

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