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NaNo 2019 Day 15 — #amwriting

Behind on wordcount today. Again. Oops.

I mean, if I added in all the words from all the posts I’ve written this month… but that would be like cheating. It would certainly be cheating myself, since my goal is not really to just make it to 50k, but to actually finish this manuscript.

Therefore, instead of a long post today, I’m hanging up a sign on my door that may or may not help me actually achieve my goal: Continue reading NaNo 2019 Day 15 — #amwriting

The number one thing every writer needs

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about writing lately. I’ve also been listening to podcasts, attending webinars and seminars, reading books, filling out worksheets, and taking notes, notes, and more notes. I have a notebook full of notes.

The best way to build suspense…

The top ten list to create likable characters…

The three things you must do today to build your author platform…

The number one tool that’s going to help you sell more books…

In essence, I’ve been trying to cover up my writing lull by doing a lot of other writing-adjacent activities. I have had the revelation (many times, now) that these things aren’t actually helping me write. They’re interesting. I am learning from them. But there’s only one real ‘cure,’ one ‘magic bullet,’ one solution to getting out of my writing lull:


Yep. It’s that easy (and that difficult). To get out of this slump, I have to write my way out. The more I’ve looked (and I’ve looked in plenty of places over the past few months), the more convinced I have become that (don’t be too shocked, now) the way to be a writer is to write.

I’ve got to engage in the type of butt-in-seat, willing-to-give-up-other-pleasures, taking-the-time-to-do-it-even-when-the-sink-is-full-of-dirty-dishes writing that finishes books. I need to take time for the turn-off-email, log-out-of-facebook, write-until-you’re-unstuck, and then write-until-you-write-until-you-can’t-write-anymore kind of writing.

And I need to do it consistently. If it doesn’t become a habit, the next writing lull will be waiting in the wings to break concentration and destroy momentum.

So, after all of the webinars, seminars, books, blogs, and podcasts, the one takeaway that’s a sure-fire win is to actually, positively, sit down and write.

TL;DR: if you’re going to call yourself a writer, you need to be writing.

Now it’s time for me to take some of my own advice.  🙂

Happy writing!

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Photo of pencil and notebook by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

Things that go bump… #weepingangels #doctorwho

Another night where I have work that needs doing, and it’s very difficult to do during the day when I don’t have any childcare help, but I’m thinking about everything else.

Here’s how the internal struggle has been going:

1) I’m not hungry, but suddenly decide I need a snack. There are salty dry roasted almonds and sweet dried pineapple downstairs in the pantry… a perfect match.

2) My house is a mess. It’s like a toy farm where toys are growing everywhere, and most especially on the carpet. If I go downstairs there’s a high percentage chance I will trip on one of these highly sustainable toy crops and possibly break something (me or the toy).

3) But I really do want a snack. Don’t need one, just want one. I should brave it.

4) In the hallway, looking down the stairs into darkness. What if there’s a Weeping Angel down there?*


5) I’m the mom now. I’m the adult in the house. It’s high time to stop worrying about silly things and just go get my snack!

6) But I don’t really need a snack. Though I do want one….

7) For goodness sakes woman!

8) Okay, down the stairs, flipping lights on as I go (harder for a Weeping Angel to sneak up on you when it’s light). And it’s snack time!

9) Maybe a quick game of Candy Crush while I’m near where I keep my cell phone docked….

10) Oh no! Has it already been almost an hour? I have GOT to get that work done!

11) What if there’s a Weeping Angel at the top of the stairs?

12) Back to the office. Now that the struggle is over, and I’m still avoiding work by writing a blog post about it, I feel that the snack was definitely justified. However, I’m starting to get really thirsty…


*while I realize Weeping Angels are fictional and therefore highly unlikely to be in my house, ever since I saw the Doctor Who episode called Blink I have been convinced that I’m going to find a seemingly innocent statue perched in my house in a place where it shouldn’t be, and as soon as I turn my back… BAM!