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Therapy from a season of reading

Feels like I haven’t been keeping up with things lately.

This blog, for one. Has it really been a half year since I posted last? And a year before that?

Crafting in general. I get an idea to try a new craft, buy all of the supplies I need for a project, and put them somewhere safe for when I’m ready to get around to it.

Homeschooling hasn’t been a choice, but I’m not doing all the extras we used to do, just the basic lessons.

I haven’t written anything for my novel since January. (Though the good news is that the full first draft is done and now I’m on edits. No wonder I’m avoiding it.)

In fact, it has felt a bit like my life is on pause. Or maybe fast-forward. Like I can’t accomplish anything, or I’m accomplishing the same thing over and over again and a year has gone by in the blink. Like I’m diminished to just getting work done and dealing with medical issues and that’s all I have the energy to really do well.

It seems that life comes in seasons.

Periods of time where you go through a particular arc of learning, being, trying, or resting — and that this is my waiting season.  Or, maybe more accurately, my reading season.

Lately, when I have a bit of downtime, I’ve found myself reaching for a book, or graphic novel. In the past few years, I’ve read around 180 books each year (friend me on Goodreads if you’d like to see what I’m enjoying). I’ve also been posting regularly to a book review blog with a couple of friends. (Feel free to check it out at

But the thing is, it’s okay to be in a season of waiting. And when you’re waiting, books are great company.

Though I read mostly fiction, the characters struggling through those stories are bringing me lessons at their own pace. I just finished a book that bludgeoned me with lessons about how you have to choose to live, and it’s not worth dwelling on regrets, and that we’re each full of a multitude of possibilities — the only mistake is not to try any of them.

The past few years have felt a bit like a limbo, but I can feel myself at the edge… almost ready to push through. I looked at the cross stitch I haven’t touched in over a year and thought about it. I opened my WIP doc for the novel I’m editing and thought about it. I pulled out my Kumihimo gear this morning, and thought about it.

Being at the edge like this, almost ready to jump but not quite, is a comfortable place to be. I’m not sure how long I’ll stay here.

Who knows what my next season will bring?

Happy living!

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NaNo 2019 Day 19 — Building the story

I mentioned in another post that the attempt to write a novel has changed the way I look at books. Although that’s not quite right — it’s not just books. It’s changed how I understand all stories.

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NaNo 2019 Day 18 — Writers must be readers, too

A common piece of advice in writing forums and from writing coaches is that you need to read extensively in the genre you’re trying to write. I don’t understand this piece of advice.

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Distractions: Book Review of Strange the Dreamer

My second Infinite Distractions post is up!

This time I’ve posted my spoiler-free review of Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. Give it a read to find out why I almost didn’t read the book, and why I think you should read it now. You’ll also learn what book is in my metaphorical freezer, and what wings I’d choose when the wingsmith comes to town:

Spoiler-Free Book Review: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Happy reading!

A five-star post.

I’ve recently embarked upon a new project with a few friends where we post reviews and discuss all things bookish. We’re calling it Infinite Distractions. You can find our blog at, on Instagram at infinite.distractions, or on Twitter @letusdistract.

Check out my first post! It’s about how much credence I think star ratings deserve.

This post deserves 5 stars; or does it?

Happy reading!

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