NaNo 2019 Day 14 — Inspiration

There are days that require inspiration. Days that pull or push in just the wrong ways. Days that make you tired just by existing. Days when everything is a struggle.

When I come across an inspirational quote, I sometimes jot it down for just such occasions. Here are a few that live near my desk, in case one of these speaks to you and fills your need for today:

This is one I look at when I’m feeling stagnant, or one of my characters needs to find a path for growth:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
-Marcel Proust

I love this Calvin & Hobbes 4-panel by Bill Watterson, both for Calvin’s genuine crisis, and his teacher’s measured, adult response, either of which could apply to me on a given day:

Calvin at school: “What on Earth am I doing in here on this beautiful day? This is the only life I’ve got!” [runs out of the room shouting ‘AAAAAAAAAA!]
Miss Wormwood (his teacher) [carrying him back in]: “Next time, try a drink of water and a few deep breaths.”

This one is from a book called Think and Grow Rich; I look at it anytime I find it hard to remember that other people’s opinions of me or my work don’t need to crush me.

“Thousands of men and women carry inferiority complexes with them through life because some well-meaning but ignorant person destroyed their confidence through opinions or ridicule. You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it and reach your own decisions.”
-Napoleon Hill

This little gem, dropped by my sister’s co-worker’s husband, is one I look to when I’m taking things too seriously. He’s a cheesemaker — his whole job, by definition, is to make cheese, and he believes what he does is important. But cheesemakers struggle sometimes too, and he has a little mantra that keeps him from driving himself crazy. I now say it to myself, as well, when a day feels too hard:

“At the end of the day, it’s just cheese.”

Happy NaNo-ing

I’ll be blogging my NaNo 2019 journey right here, so feel free to follow along. And tell me in the comments about something your characters did to surprise you!

Photo by Isaac Davis on Unsplash

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